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  • increased energy

  • increased immunity

  • weight control

  • clear skin

  • a better sense of taste

  • a better sense of self

learn how to make this mind + body medicine work for you!

fasting is nature's oldest medicine and is one of the best ways to maintain your...

eternal youth

From disease reversal to dramatic weight loss...from finding fertility to ageless at 80, there are literally millions of success stories of fasting's effects found all over the world.

Although the idea of eating less seems simple, knowing the rules  (and when to break them) are crucial to getting the great results you've been hearing about...

I'm Lynnette and I've combined the latest research with my real-life experience from 40+ fasts since 2005. You'll learn the foundations of fasting and how to avoid common complications (or at least how to be prepared for them).

My method skips the sugar crash that gives fasting a bad name in favor of more protein and nutrients per serving. I've also included a meal plan to keep you on track.

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Get ready to reset your relationship with food and master your mindset for health + wellness.

you'll learn...

  • how to safely start and end a fast

  • how to maintain a "normal life"

  • ways to customize + supercharge your fast

  • how the body works while fasting

  • plant-based recipes + techniques

  • how to be more in tune with your body

guide includes

  • Green Juice "Reset" Recipes

  • superFEAST 14 Day Meal Plan

  • Technique + Lecture Videos

  • Helpful Emails

  • Shopping + Storage Guide

  • Lynnette’s 15+ Years of Fasting Experience

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    Forever 21


    a fun, firsthand look into 21 day fast from Chef Lynnette.

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    Copycat the Smoothie


    make those brand name smoothies even better.

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