About Me!

Hi I’m Lynnette and I've completed over 40 fasts

...yes 40. Since college I have been practicing fasting for what I like to call health + wealth + eternal youth. 

Since then....

  • I rarely get sick
  • I look years younger than I actually am 
  • I feel years younger than I actually am
  • I maintain a mindset that helps me to stay positive

I could go on but that’s enough reason for me to continue this practice, season after season.

Looking for scientific evidence?  Although it's growing quickly, the truth is, there’s not a lot of massive “official” research on fasting - even though it’s the oldest treatment known to man and animals! 

Ever wonder why pets stop eating when they get sick? Many think it’s a symptom when it’s actually the solution. Their bodies instinctively “shut down” digestion by not eating while instead re-directing that energy to allow their system to heal. 

Most “higher minded” humans ignore similar instincts and instead act from emotions, usually turning to food. 

Fasting is an effective way to help your body help itself.

Although I am not a licensed medical professional, after 15 years of practicing fasting, I feel comfortable having enough scientific, anecdotal evidence and experience in being able to assist others. Juice detoxing and raw food are some of nature’s oldest medicines and will continue to prove itself as an answer to MANY of our civilization’s sicknesses.

Over the years I’ve worked with individuals and groups on starting and completing various fasts from coconut to “clean eating cleanses.” I've even experienced with urine therapy. All are different and all are effective in their own way. 

I created this program for people all over the world to have a starting point to personalize their practice and a reference point as the science of nutrition changes and the practice becomes more mainstream. 

None of the nutritional suggestions I’ve made in this book or anywhere are meant to be taken as a cure all – fasting and raw foods aren’t a cure all, everything does best in balance. 

No one thing can replace another.

TRUE treatment begins with symbiosis of mind, body and spirit.

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